1927 presents


A 1927, Salzburg Festival, Theatre de la Ville Paris & Young Vic co-production

The danger lies not in machine becoming more like man but in man becoming more like machine.

Blending stunningly original animation with entrancing music and live performance, the pioneering company 1927 create theatrical experiences unlike anything you will have seen before. Like a giant graphic novel burst into life, they invite you to take a step through the looking glass into a dark and fantastical tale of an extraordinary ordinary man.

Arriving in Manchester with a host of five star reviews from critics from Berlin to London to Sydney, 1927’s latest production Golem explores one of the great questions of the modern world – who or what is in control of our technologies?

Listen to what audiences have been saying about Golem so far…

★★★★★ There’s good reason why it has charmed critics and theatre goers… A deftly executed dark comedy. Golem represents the perfect opportunity to see what’s new and exciting in theatre. A delight.” – Manchester Evening News

★★★★ Enormously inventive and wonderfully entertaining… I could happily sit through it again. Precisely the sort of ambitious production that HOME’s original mission statement promised… Again, we’re reminded of the unique contribution this cultural powerhouse is making to the North West’s artistic ecology.” – Northern Soul

“An innovative and dazzling fable… there is a rarely a dull moment in this bright and breezy show, a feast for the eyes. Funny, fast-paced, relevant, and filled with technical wizardry.” – Manchester Confidential

“A smart satire… The script is funny, with some sharp one-liners and the incorporation of animation and film into the action is astonishing… Worth catching.” – Morning Star

“The genius of this play comes from designer Paul Barritt’s imaginative technical input… Contemporary theatre at its best.” – Warrington Guardian

★★★★The cast interact perfectly with animated characters and each other, they have exquisite physical and musical timing.” – Remote Goat

★★★★ Brilliant and incredibly inventive… A production that needs to be seen, a refreshing and joyous reminder of just what can be achieved in the theatre.” – The Arts Shelf

“A theatrical treat for the senses… A landmark show that in time others will be compared to. It is easy to see why this breathtaking show has captivated audiences and critics alike.” – North West End

“A detailed, beautifully paced production… the technical wizardry supports rather than overwhelms the central themes… I love that HOME is bringing a new style of theatre to Manchester.” – Quiet Man Dave

★★★★This eye popping amalgam of live action, music and (occasionally jaw dropping) animation is the most innovative and exciting spectacle I’ve seen in years. Extraordinary.” – Bouquets and Brickbats

“The synchronisation between projected animation, live actors and musicians and recorded audio is stunningly impressive… The five-strong cast give totally committed performances.” – British Theatre Guide

“The use of animation and projection in Golem is quite outstanding… an incredibly forward thinking, fascinating piece of theatre.” – Thoughtful Theatre

“The technology – the projections mostly, and their integration with the live action – is highly impressive…. Without HOME we most probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see for ourselves what all the five-star reviews are about.” – Manchester Theatre Awards

“A witty, entertaining fable about technology… The performances are superb. Visually stunning.” – The Reviews Hub

★★★★★  Like nothing I have ever seen before. A potent 90 minute brew of witty animation and quirky physicality… A true theatrical spectacle, inventive and perfectly synchronised.” – Upstaged Manchester

“Memorable tunes, exquisite performances, and stunning visuals the likes of which I’ve not seen in theatre before… a wonderful spectacle… an excellent show.” – The Manchester Review

“A sophisticated morality tale… Live music, animation, slick performances and fast-paced timing make for a highly entertaining hour-and-a-half. Theatre for our generation.”  – Jewish Telegraph

“The arch, off kilter characters are amusing, and the way the actors blend gesture and action with what takes place on screen takes an immense amount of skill.” – Jildy Sauce

“Groundbreaking with strokes of genius… it’s suitable for anyone of an age capable of being enslaved by a gadget. My 13-year old son, who’s rarely to be found off-line, was absolutely hooked.” – The Daily Telegraph

“1927 is officially the sexiest theatre company in town… Book for this show and the future of theatre, or at least one strand of it, will be revealed in all its glory. the precision with which the actors synchronise with the animation is an unending delight, and there’s atmospheric music provided by Lillian Henley on the piano. See Golem, and marvel.” – London Evening Standard

“1927: their star is on the ascendant and there is nothing quite like them.”  – The Times

“Think Alexander Rodchenko meets Tim Burton, Charles Dickens meets Fritz Lang, and the early 20th-century silent movie meets the 21st-century graphic novel, and you have something of the flavour of this jaw-dropping company.” – The Guardian

  • Suitable for ages 12+
  • Running Time 90 mins (no interval)
  • The production contains strobe effects

Off Peak: £23 – £10
Evenings: Wed 7 – Fri 9 & Mon 12 – Thu 15 Oct
Matinee: Sat 10 & Wed 14 Oct

Peak: £26.50 – £10
Evening: Sat 10 Oct

Premium: £29.50 – £10
Fri 16 & Sat 17 Oct