Filmed Up Nov 2020 (12A) – online edition

Join us to celebrate the filmmaking talent based in the North West with a selection of short films of all genres produced right here on our doorstep.

The entire programme is selected by a panel of audience members from open submissions.

The November screening will take place online, in partnership with our friends at Bolton International Film Festival.

If you fancy putting your questions to the filmmakers, why not join the Filmed Up Q&A and Social on Wed 2 Dec at 18:30, or share your #FilmedUp questions or impressions on social media (@HOME_mcr on Twitter; @HOMEmcr on Facebook and Instagram)

Screening Programme

  • Trucker’s Atlas / Dan Thorburn / GB / 12:21
    A peaceful working relationship between two power-line repair men is put under pressure when one returns back from a family bereavement
  • A Disorderly Paradise / Sabrina Fuller / GB / 05:41
    Artist Film / Documentary exploring different representations of female subjectivity. Nine women were asked to choose a place “metaphorical or contextual” and how they would present themselves there.
  • D’vina / Sam Oddie / GB / 08:19
    Documentary. Dave looks back on a life marked by childhood trauma, a career in the army and dealing with PTSD and what helped him find his equilibrium.
  • Tiger Claw / James Cotton / GB / 12:42
    A trio of kung fu enthusiasts are on their way to a regional tournament, when they witness a small-scale jewellery heist.
  • Never Eat Shredded Wheat (& Other Foods I’m Scared to Eat) / Georgia Madden / GB / 01:21
    For those suffering from an eating disorder, restaurants can be a daunting scenario. Inspired by 80s horror, this short animation pays hommage to iconic directors with each course.
  • Interstice / Paul Scott Bullen / GB / 05:23
    Autobiographical performance art film that explores the fimmaker’s experience of growing up gay in a small town.
  • P.E.A.C.E. – a Spoken Word / Funke Alafiatayo / GB / 01:00
    A short spoken word film challenging the audience to take one minute to think how their small actions could make a massive impact in the world.
  • The Caravan (Story Three) / Andrew Gunn / GB / 10:38
    Unexpected things happen in the middle of nowhere when a man brings provisions to his reclusive, elderly father.
  • Canning Town / Will Dickie, Fabiola Santana / GB / 10:38
    Dance Film. House prices continue to rise and the redevelopers of East London are steadily encroaching from all sides. Shot beneath its street lights, Canning Town captures desolate cityscapes that will soon no longer be there and celebrates the 10 years
  • Faux Départ / Shekhar Bassi / UK, FR, PL / 08:52
    Fahim and Haashid prepare the last leg of their a perilous one-way journey. But Haashid’s personal life gets in the way.
  • Aaron / Lillian Constantine / GB / 03:38
  • A personal documentary that looks into the complexity of sibling relationships.
  • Suspended / Antony Barkworth-Knight / GB / 03:51
    Artist Film exploring memories of discovering art galleries and trying to understand what art is.
  • The Freeing Of The Moors / Scott Bradley / GB / 06:50
    A comedic take on history programmes, The Freeing Of The Moors tells the story behind the building of Darwen Tower, a well known landmark in East Lancs
  • Mad Dogs / Steve Boot & Paul Flannery / GB / 07:14
    A stop motion animation exploring the concept of British indentity, inspired by the kitsch paintings of dogs playing pool.

There are a range of prices available including Free, so you can choose what you can afford.

As an indication Filmed Up screenings are usually £4.50 full / £5.50 concs

Films are available to watch anytime from Thu 26 Nov at 19:30 to Thu 3 Dec

Geoblock: you can only watch films if you are in the U.K.