Filmed Up Mar 2017 (12A)

From grassroots guerrilla filmmakers to start-up production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Join us for an evening screening where you’ll discover a selection of short films that are being produced right here on your doorstep. The entire programme is selected by a panel of audience members.

Want to submit your work for the next screening ? Deadline is Wed 26 April 2017, (for the June 17 screening). Submission form and FAQs can be found on our Filmed Up Submission Info Page.

PROGRAMME (in alphabetical order of title)

  • Lexa / Christian Potter and Lauren Jennings / GB / 05:45 mins
    A young black woman downloads Lexa, a “Social Assistant Device”, in the hopes it will give her a social boost.
  • Night Populous / Matt Hulme / GB / 04:58 mins
    A collaborative project bringing together the written word, filmmaking and sound design focusing on homelessness
  • Summer’s Gift / David Whitney / GB / 20:00 MINS
    During the summer of 1943, a strange drifter arrives at a lonely farm in the heart of rural England. Labouring as a farm hand, he soon develops a close bond with the farmer’s young and impressionable daughter that will change both their lives forever.
  • Satellite / Benjamin Green / GB / 05:13 mins
    An observation of the feelings of isolation felt by the inhabitants of small towns and former industrial satellite towns where there is little prospect of re-development or increased employment.
  • Still Lives / Patrick Sheard / GB / 16:12 mins
    A trilogy of films by Patrick Sheard; Lamenta, Libertas and Exitus, anthologized here in their entirety.
  • The Bathtub / Ernie Chamberlain / GB / 04:56 mins
    An experimental film that examines people’s relationship with body image.
  • The Pandrix / Sara Procter / GB / 04:27 MINS
    A panda experiences technical difficulties whilst playing his favourite game.
  • The Secret of Souls / Gwendolen Osmond / GB / 04:43 mins
    Experimental moving image work, exploring dance, photography and time influenced by the 1960s work of Chris Marker.
  • Twat by Dr. John Cooper Clarke / Antony Morris / GB / 03:21 mins
    A reimagining of one of the great works from the ‘Bard of Salford’.
  • Vincent / Celina Schmidt / GB / 06:41 mins
    The streets of Salford are Vincent’s place of work, where everyone knows him for his kindness, his humour and his legendary ice cream.
  • Watching It Back / Tilly Hudson / GB / 11:21 mins
    A personal exploration of family relationships and dynamics.
  • Weightless / Ben E Marshall / GB / 10:35 mins
    Conflicted by her choices, a woman gains new perspective on her relationships.