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Filmed Up FAQ’s

Filmed Up is our regular North West filmmakers night. The screenings happen every quarter and the films are selected from an open submission of short films under 20 minutes in duration, of any genre, old or new made by filmmakers based in the North West.

This event is a great opportunity to showcase your filmmaking skills to a captive audience, meet other filmmakers, and also see if your film wins the audience award, which is voted for on the night.All films screened on the night are selected by a panel of HOME audience members and all selected filmmakers get a share of the box office takings which, depending on the number of films shown, might buy you a pint or two!

All you need to do is check the eligibility criteria and fill in the Filmed Up Online Submission Form

Please note: The material you send us at submission time is the version that will be used for the screening. Make sure the version you send us is of  high enough quality; preferably HD, 1080p (1920 x 1080) or 720p (1280 x 720);  but SD 576i (720 x 576) will do if you are happy with that.

Eligibility criteria at a glance:

  • made by filmmakers currently living in the North West. Not sure? Enter your postcode in this map, if you’re in the red zone, you’re in!
  • under 20 minutes
  • of any genre
  • of any year

Practical aspects to remember:

You need to have cleared copyright of all external material you have used in your film (soundtrack, including credit music, video extracts etc.). We cannot screen films which have unauthorised use of material. When emailing us your submission form,  please also confirm that you have cleared the copyright of all material used in your film in the main body of the email.

The web link you send us will be what we use for the screening. Make sure the version you send us is of  high enough quality: preferably HD, 1080p (1920 x 1080) or 720p (1280 x 720);  but SD 576i (720 x 576) will do if you are happy with that.

Please make sure audio is authored to -3db, no higher

If you have made a lot of films please send us one submission per screening, we try to make each screening varied so it is unlikely we would programme several films from the same director in one screening.


We accept films all year round, if your film miss the current screening deadline, it will be put forward for the next one.

2018 Deadlines:

  • Wed 18 Apr 2018 (for the June Screening)
  • Wed 8 Aug 2018 (for the September Screening)
  • Wed 24 Oct 2018 (for the December Screening)


If your question is not answered below, please use the comments section and we’ll answer them!

  • I’m not sure how to upload my film online

It’s best if you upload your film to either Vimeo or YouTube (both are free to join). You can make your film private and password protected if necessary.  If you do upload to Vimeo make sure it is available to download, whether it’s private or not.

  •  I don’t want everybody to be able to see my film online

Not a problem, you can make your film password protected on Vimeo or unlisted / private on Youtube

  • What tech requirements are ideal when uploading my film?

Try to upload as Full 1080p HD unless not available, in which case 720p, 576i or 480p is acceptable. Films are to be submitted in 25fps as standard – 24fps, 23.97fps, 29.97fps, 30fps or 59.97fps may incur frame rate issues when screened. Films should be digitally flagged as anamorphic if filmed in 16:9, so no pillarboxing (black bars down sides of film) occurs when uploaded.

  • My film is too big to upload online 

Don’t panic!  If you’re uploading to Vimeo try their help page: vimeo.com/help or if you’re using YouTube visit: youtube.com/help It’s often the case that you need to re-render your film; you don’t have to pay for an account unless you want to.

  • I REALLY want to send you a DVD version of my film

Is there a specific reason why? If we haven’t addressed your issue in the answers above is there any way we can help? Get in touch with us on filmedup@homemcr.org and we’ll do our best to help you sort it out.
As our panel members work and live in various places in the North West, using links rather than DVDs allows us to watch and choose films in a quicker way (which means the deadlines can be shorter for you too). Plus it saves you postage stamps!

  • My film is an artist film, will you consider it for Filmed Up?

 Yes please send it in, we welcome films of all genre and are really keen to have a wide variety for people to discover. Please note however that the format of the event will be that of a short film screening (i.e people sat in front of a screen for the whole duration of the screening), so if you think your film needs to be part of an installation then Filmed Up might not be the best outlet for it.

  • Can I send you a music video?

Yes as long as they show creativity (i.e there is more to it than just shooting the band / the artist performing)

  • You said I need to have permission to use my soundtrack, does it mean I need an original score composed for my film?

You don’t need to have an original score composed especially for your film but you need to have cleared permission to use all the music in your film. So you can try and seek permission to use the music that is already on your soundtrack or you can find royalty free music to use.
For more information you can have a look at this comprehensive article on using music for your film on BBC Film Network.If you want a list of places where you can get Copyright free music, have a look at Vimeo’s list of sites where you can find music for your film.