Filmed Up Jun 2017 (15)

From grassroots guerrilla filmmakers to start-up production companies, the film community is thriving in the North West. Join us for an evening screening where you’ll discover a selection of short films that are being produced right here on your doorstep. The entire programme is selected by a panel of audience members.

Want to submit your work for the next screening ?  Submission form and FAQs can be found on our Filmed Up Submission Info Page.

Programme: (in alphabetical order of title)

  • A Single Blade of Grass / Mark Mason / GB / 05:00 mins
    Animation celebrating an artist who, through his fascination of Japanese woodblock prints and Japanese culture, is compelled to travel to the Japan of his dreams, where his drawings, paintings and thoughts are transformed
  • Chatroom / Harry James Coleman / GB / 08:30 mins
    Miles, 24, has a minor facial disfigurement that he sees as grotesque. He is seduced by and escapes into ‘Chatroom’, a virtual dating reality dating app where he meets Alma…
  • Chippy Tea / Will Herbert / GB / 13:30 mins
    An ordinary Friday night and as usual the Railton sisters are having their traditional Chippy Tea – Secrets boiling under the surface and an unwanted guest mean that the usual Friday supper is turned on its head and things emerge that will change lives forever.
  • Frankie / Hannah Read / GB / 06:45 mins
    A teenager wants to express himself the way he wants- by dressing like a woman.
  • Hedge / Jenny Longworth / GB / 13:30 mins
    After moving to a new town a young girl walks home through the woods. All is not as it seems as the powers around her begin to seep into her life.
  • I Land / RL Wilson / GB / 01:43 mins
    Austerity of the human hand traverses across various locations around the British Isles in Spring 2011.
  • I Want To Keep Looking / Nathan Crook / GB / 06:00 mins
    An adventure through an ultra-world, a trip into an intoxicated perception of reality.
  • Linear Village / Basilio Longo / GB / 07:09 mins
    Documentary about life on the canals of NW England from one lady’s perspective.
  • People / Charlie Watts / GB / 03:47 mins
    Short film which follows a group of strangers as they have their say on the issues that surround and affect their lives.
  • Postcards / Michael Dunbar / GB / 05:43 mins
    Kate writes back to the place where she grew up about her experiences adjusting to her new home, Liverpool.
  • Zombie nympho traffic wardens kiss / Richard howe, Kane clover, mark Horne, Simon Scarlett / GB / 11:31 mins
    A traffic warden is cursed to be a zombie by a angry witch with a traffic ticket. Unless she can find the cure: True loves kiss …