David Lynch’s True Favourites

This September, a programme of films chosen by Lynch, David Lynch’s True Favourites (Fri 13 – Sun 29 September) will include screenings of cult films cited as an inspiration to him.

Previously in this season

Stroszek + Introduction

The 18:10 screening will be introduced by Andy Willis, Senior Visiting Curator for Film.

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A Place in the Sun

George Stevens’ multi-Oscar winning A Place in the Sun is one of the most powerful and touching of Hollywood romances. The story of how a…

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In Cold Blood

Adapting Truman Capote’s true-crime novel about the senseless murder of a family in rural Kansas, In Cold Blood is a grimly authentic American horror story.

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The Wizard of Oz

When Dorothy Gale gets caught in a tornado she ends up in the magical land of Oz.

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The Man Without a Past

In Helsinki, a man gets beaten up so severely he develops amnesia. Unable to remember anything from his past, he slowly starts building himself a…

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Sunset Boulevard

This acid-etched portrait of Tinseltown remains one of the darkest movies on moviemaking.

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Stroszek follows the fortunes of a street performer as he leaves Berlin for America. But once there, he finds it barely the land of opportunity…

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