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Artist Film Weekender 2017

Our annual celebration of the alt-wonderful world of artist film is crammed with special guests, premieres and discussions. The HOME Artist Film Weekender is now into its third year and is something of a magnet for artists and curators incorporating film, video and moving image into their practice.

This year, we welcome artist, filmmaker and writer Sarah Turner, who presents her latest feature Public House, which tells the story of the Ivy House Pub in Peckham, London which was closed and sold to property developers in April 2012.

Public House is a triumphant story of social resilience and the local community working together to save the pub from closure. Also on the bill, Eglantine by Glasgow-based artist-filmmaker Margaret Salmon, a loving homage to classic children’s films such as Ray Ashley’s Little Fugitive, Jean Renoir’s The River and Albert Lamorisse’s The Red Balloon. Eglantine also draws from nature studies of the past, such as Mary Field’s Secrets of Nature series. Video artist Stanya Kahn will present her most ambitious film to date Stand in the Stream, “an ambient, narrative, digital film that follows perspectives of a subjective body in time, family, community, work, action and in the daily mundane”.

We will also present our latest HOME Artist Film productions alongside even more highlights from the world of artist film.