Schools of Change is a night of performative film and video hosted by Paradise Works as an opener to the Artist Film Weekender at HOME. Each of the artists showing this evening playfully utilise and embody performance within their practice and embrace the potential for performance to instigate change. Curated by Chris Paul Daniels and Jenny Baines.


Jennet Thomas: School of Change (2012), is a Sci-Fi musical film. We witness one day in the life of a school where students’ learning is bio-technically monitored through an ingested device, and high-scoring pupils perform their learning through a rhythmic action practice that produces little white spheres – called Units of Knowing – the currency through which this reality functions.

Laura Hindmarsh: Self-Registration (2015), an act of self-alignment using hand contact printing, and will also perform a new work deriving from Michael Snow’s La Région Centrale (1971).

Bea Haut: Defenestration (2015) combines film and domestic structures, reaching out beyond the frame, testing out access and escape, aperture and portal. Pending (2016) is a 16mm film performance using a 100ft length of film formed into a ‘living loop’ by the audience, before being taken up and played out by the projector. This interlacing creates a sympathetic film, which conjoins the audience, the artist and the subject in an act of duration and suspension.

Tariq Emam: T.B.M. Reloaded (2017), is a live, site-responsive performance whereby tape noise will not be the only noise, and will feature R.L. Wilson and Guillaume Dujat: exploring recuperation of forlorn demons. The kind you find in charity shops, or wasting precious space in precious homes. The kind of space that could be used for a little bit of paradise. But what if it already was?


Jennet Thomas

Jennet’s practice emerged from the anarchistic, experimental culture of London’s film/live art scene in the 1990’s where she was a founder member of the Exploding Cinema Collective. Recent solo shows include: ‘The Unspeakable Freedom Device’ (at The Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, 2015) ‘School Of Change’ and ‘All Suffering Soon To End’ (at Matt’s Gallery, London 2012 and 2010). Her work is represented by Tintype Gallery, London and Video Data Bank, Chicago. She is currently Reader in Time Based Media and Performance at University of the Arts London.

Laura Hindmarsh

Laura Hindmarsh is a visual artist working across performance, film, photography and moving image. In each incidence the work is an interrogation of the chosen medium, often pushing the mode of production and the body’s engagement in this process to a point of exhaustion or collapse. Working with processes of embodiment, repetition and layering, Hindmarsh highlights and questions established systems and modes of representation.

Her film and video works have been screened at festivals internationally. Recent exhibitions include Primavera 2017, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Passages, Contemporary Art Tasmania, Hobart (2017); Finding Focus, PhotoAccess, Canberra (2016); Exhaust, Contemporary Art Tasmania, Hobart (2016); and ATAVAST, Standard Practice, Room Service, New York, USA (2015).

Bea Haut

Bea Haut is an artist who works primarily with 16mm film. This manifests and behaves as sculpture, installation, projections and photography. Multi-dimensional in media as well as often being site responsive, these works allude to perceptions of inter-related moments, spaces, and actions in between. Regarding the mutating dialogue between the self and her surroundings, the artist also uses the stuff of the everyday as material and subject of these works. Her films have been shown internationally in festivals such as Media City Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Experiments in Cinema, Alchemy and at venues such as the Museum of Moving Images, New York and the ICA, London.

Tariq Emam

Tariq’s practice derives from artists’ film and video, experimental music and improvised performance; the lifespan of his work doesn’t last long nor does it repeat itself. Currently living in Manchester and in the final stages of a PhD in electroacoustic music, he works as a technician and sound engineer. Tariq has worked with the Palestine Youth Orchestra, Leonardo, NiNi Productions, and presented work internationally.

  • 18:00 for a 18:30 start
  • Complimentary supper provided
  • Dress warmly
  • Access via stairs only