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Angie Chen: Hong Kong Film Pioneer

We are pleased to present a retrospective of the work of Hong Kong pioneer Angie Chen. Chen emerged as a filmmaker at the height of Hong Kong cinema’s ‘new wave’ of the 1980s directing three features for the famous Shaw Brothers Studio: Maybe It’s Love (1984), My Name Ain’t Suzie (1985) and Chaos by Design (1988).

She then established herself as one of Hong Kong’s best commercials directors working on high profile and award-winning campaigns with the likes of Jackie Chan. Alongside this she made promotional works for the Hong Kong government with now high profile names such as cinematographer Christopher Doyle.

In the 21st century Angie Chen has worked as an award-winning documentary filmmaker, completing three features: This Darling Life (2008 which opened our Visible Secrets season at Cornerhouse in 2009), One Tree, Three Lives (2012) and her latest feature, I’ve Got the Blues (2017).  Alongside this she has nurtured the next generation of filmmakers at Hong Kong Baptist University’s Film Academy.

Bringing all these experiences together one quickly realises that Angie Chen’s career is unique within the Hong Kong film industry. Her international experiences and perspective has meant that within her work she is always willing to challenge negative representations and always strives to find great human warmth within her subjects.  Her pioneering career is only now becoming acknowledged as unique and as such a perfect model for those women (and men) who want to make films that have something to say about the world we live in.

We are delighted to welcome Angie Chen to discuss her work at HOME.

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