After a successful and award-winning career in advertising, Angie Chen returned to feature filmmaking with the documentary This Darling Life. The film, which follows a number of dog owners and dog lovers in Hong Kong and explores their relationships with their beloved companions, marked Chen as an insightful documentarian not afraid to put herself in the frame.

The Hollywood Reporter stated that, ‘Chen infuses the film with her own subjective and poetic images of Hong Kong, making it both meditative and confessional.’

The following short film will screen before This Darling Life:

The Visit (Der Besuch)

Dir Angie Chen/HK DE/1981 

Filmmaker Angie Chen’s intensely personal recounting of her traveling to Bonn, meeting with her dying father after a seventeen-year separation. Seeing him in the last weeks of his life brings back blurred images, memories and scarred feelings.


80 minutes


Full English

Country of origin:
Hong Kong

Year of production: