HOME Birthday Playlist

It’s our first birthday! Can you believe it’s been a whole year since our HOMEwarming extravaganza? We can’t either. To celebrate, here’s a party playlist featuring our favourite tracks from the year gone by…

The Smiths – There is a Light (That Never Goes Out)

Morrissey’s not exactly known for his birthday cheer (or regular cheer for that matter) but lucky for us, Harry Hill is. The big collared comic joined us at for a bit of heartbreak karaoke to celebrate the launch of our exhibition, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. Painfully good.

Amy Winehouse – Rehab

Asif Kapadia’s music doc Amy took an unflinching look at the career and unfortunately brief life of soul songstress Amy Winehouse. The doc was so popular with audiences that it ran for a whopping twelve weeks on our screens. It holds the record to this day.

David Bowie – Space Oddity

Al and Al’s space age exhibition Incidents of Travel in the Multiverse combined film, drawing, installation and live music for an epic sci-fi odyssey. What better way to celebrate its starry success that by calling upon a well-known Starman with a penchant for the great unknown?

Josephine – What a Day

Local musical talent Josephine has performed here at HOME on numerous occasions throughout our first year, so it only feels right that we include her on this list. Here’s a cut from 2012’s Portrait.

Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday

It’s our first birthday – did you honestly expect this one not to be in here? When it comes to celebrating another year gone by (or in our case, just the one), nothing beats the party-toned pipes of Stevie Wonder.

Mexrissey – El Primero del Gang (First of the Gang to Die)

Our annual ¡Viva! Festival brings the very best in Spanish and Latin American Culture into the heart of Manchester. When thinking of a band to sum this up, the stylistic mash-up of Mexican Mos cover band Mexrrissey was a bit of a no-brainer.

Iggy Pop – The Passenger

Iggy Pop may be pushing 70 but he still knows how to have fun. This track from the bare-chested Stooges frontman appeared in our inaugural art exhibition, The Funfair, hence its inclusion in our first birthday playlist.

Salt-N-Pepa – Push It

Push Festival 2016 was a celebration of the very the best regional theatre activity that Greater Manchester has to offer, and there was no shortage of it. It only ended in January but we already can’t wait for next year’s event.

Elvis Presley – Hound Dog

Everyone knows Elvis but Orion? No such luck. Jimmy ‘Orion’ Ellis rose to sudden fame in ‘77 thanks to a sound-alike voice, glitzy eye-mask and sly plan from Sun Records. Director Jeanie Finlay explained the whole thing when we screened her unreal doc Orion: The Man Who Would be King back in October.

R.E.M – Imitation of Life

Our dynamic gallery space has seen countless visitors pass through its doors in our first year and with our new group exhibition Imitation of Life, it continues to be a hotspot for local art and culture lovers.

Our first birthday weekend runs from Fri 20 – Sun 22 May. To find out what’s in store, head here.

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