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Our Communities Programme, #HOMEinspires connects with groups, charities and voluntary organisations from across Greater Manchester to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to take part in and experience HOME, both as audiences and as artists.

The #HOMEinspires Community Programme includes:

Inspire Gallery: Our dedicated exhibition space in HOME’s downstairs bar area showcasing work by partner organisations.

A City Seen: A quarterly film screening exploring the creativity of our city’s most essential charities, community groups and voluntary organisations and involving discussion and debate.

Inspire Ticket Scheme: Providing £1 tickets to community groups, charities and voluntary organisations who wouldn’t ordinarily be able to visit for a variety of reasons. If you work with or know of a group you think would benefit from this please get in touch.

HOME Tours: Free behind the scenes building tours and gallery tours.

If you work with a community group, charity or voluntary organisation or know of any groups you think would like to know more or get involved, please get in touch at  communities@homemcr.org

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