Participants wanted: LOVE**WORK Intergenerational Storytelling Workshop

During the month of May (15-25) HOME are hosting artists Trixa Arnold and Ilja Komarov from Arnold & Komarov Travelling Theatre on a 10 day residency.

As part of their research they will be running 2 workshops. The first is an Intergenerational Storytelling Workshop.

Fri 17 May, 11:00 – 13:00

How self-determined we lead our lives depends on many factors. There are people who enjoy going to work almost every day; work is the most important thing for them. Others only work because they need to earn money. Or, they do work that is not very enjoyable and/or not fulfilling for them. Our working day determines a great part of our everyday lives and has an impact on our private lives, which we spend with the people with whom we feel close to.

Working conditions and the way we love are both areas of everyday life, which are experiencing rapid change. Our parents worked and loved differently than we do, and our children have once more different plans and ideas about how they want to work and love, and how they want to organise their lives.

We welcome people from different age groups to talk about themselves and their experiences and to write these down. Above all, however, we will reflect on what a self-determined life could have been, or how we seek to shape our lives in the future.

We will be sharing anonymously on this evening. You will have the opportunity to write down your stories or tell them in private so that they can be written down.

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About the Project


During their residency at HOME, Trixa Arnold and Ilja Komarov will continue their research on the project LOVE**WORK. They are inviting experts and the public to examine and discuss the interactions between the love life and the world of work from different perspectives. The insights, experiences and stories gained will become the starting point for a ‘Music Travelling Theatre’, premiering in February 2025 in Zurich.

Almost all people love and are loved – in family, in friendships, in communities or in romantic relationships. Most people also have to or want to work. We therefore move fluidly between two spheres, which take up more or less space in our life, and therefore influence one another. In both spheres, we have expectations; we have to follow rules and comply with circumstances. This can lead to tensions and contradictions. However, the intertwining of the two spheres can also unleash unexpected forces and inspire us, so that we can love more creatively or work more caringly.

Together with experts and the public, Arnold and Komarov intend to explore this “in-between” aspect, the positive as well as the negative interactions, and the connections between the world of love and working life.

The public is invited to take part in this research. During two different workshops they aim to shed light on this broad and often diffuse subject area, particularly also in finding out how people would shape their lives if they had complete freedom.

The individual events will be documented. The collected material will be treated confidentially and used exclusively in an anonymous form. In February 2025, a staged production based on this research will premiere.

Weston Room

2 hours and 30 minutes

If you are interested in taking part please complete this short google form.

There are 20 places available.