What is PUSH LAB?

For artists of all disciplines, PUSH LAB is a week-long programme of conversations, events, and workshops to inspire, provoke and challenge your thoughts of making work in 2022 and beyond. We also hope that it will be a chance to recharge and reconnect.  

 There will be opportunities to meet other artists, debate important issues, learn new skills or ways of working, and have fun in the process. 

There will be a series of conversations around sustainability, creating digital work, socially engaged practice and health and wellbeing. These will be accompanied by practical workshops and opportunities to meet and chat to other artists from Greater Manchester across the week. 

Each day across the week investigates a different topic or question.  

All events are available to book separately, so you can pick and choose which events you’d like to attend. Come to one workshop, come for a whole day or join us all week! 

When is it? 

From 24 – 30 January 2022, we’ll be joined by a whole host of artists and companies including Hunt & Darton, Pigfoot Theatre Company, Passenger Games, DADA Festival, Fast Familiar, Box of Tricks plus many more. 

How much does it cost?

Every event on the PUSH LAB programme is on a Pay What You Can basis. All proceeds from sales will go directly back into HOMEs Talent Development programme of work.  

Covid Safety

We will make every effort to ensure that all events are in line with the covid guidelines at the time of delivery, and will continually update the individual webpages to reflect our approach to covid safety and policy.

The week in brief;

24 January – Hunt & Darton Mixer and World Factory

25 January – Looking at Sustainability

26 January – Looking at Digital

27 January – Looking at Socially Engaged Practice

28 January – Wellbeing day

29/30 January – Box of Tricks takeover