The 1121 Collective presents


As the evening approaches George and Suzan are hard at work. Before their boss arrives they must figure out what’s for dinner, why Manchester is engulfed in flames, and how they first met.

Manchester’s 1121 Collective’s latest production combines kitchen sink drama with surreal anarchy to explore how facts and fictions are intertwined when a decade long riot starts to encroach into the living room.

Praise for A-Bomb On Broadway:

A-Bomb on Broadway shows a company full of promise for the future.”
Manchester Theatre Awards

“An almost faultless performance… This is a slick, well worked intense production which will have you transfixed for the entire 45 minutes.”
North West End

“An engaging production that demonstrates powerful and commanding acting that is bound to leave you feeling stunned. A Bomb On Broadway by 1121 Collective is a dynamic piece of theatre that has the intensity and pace required to completely mesmerise the audience.”
Sincerely Amy