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In a world that has become increasingly centred around us as individuals, how do your actions impact yourself and others? Many don’t consider the implications of their behaviours in relationships, and what this can lead to for themselves and others…

How are you affecting me? How are we affecting us? How is that affecting them?


The story follows two young star-gazing soul searchers, unwittingly lured into a social experiment to find the root causes of why and how relationships fall apart.

In a blend of rap, physical theatre, visual projections, light design, and soundscapes, YOU US & THEM will take you on a surreal journey through different types of breakups, and the minds of people longing to be in harmony with each other and themselves.

Conceived, produced, and narrated by Creative Producer & Rapper Remi Adam, choreographed and performed by Helen Andrew, composed by Sonny Shoker with digital design from Aaron Howell and light design from Ed Jef. YOU US & THEM is based on his album of the same name and explores themes such as reconciliation, restitution, and relief in relationships.

Socially Distanced Performances

Events in Theatre 2 have unreserved seating, but numbers are capped at 50% capacity for socially distanced performances to ensure that you can leave space between yourself and other audience members.