Women On The Verger

Lip Service

After the popular success of their delightfully silly Withering Looks and King Arthur and the Knights of the Occasional Table, Lip service are back with a vengeance.
Marianne seems the perfect Rector’s wife, her peach faced complexion poised above her profiteroles at the choux pasty competition, her white gloved hand clutching her hymn book at the Harvest supper, her one gently raised eyebrow, a quiet comfort to the bereaved and the poor. Surely, the Reverend Quigley must be a lucky man to have this woman stoke his Aga.
And yet a passion is stirring in Marianne, moved by the familiar smell and feel of corduroy, recalling a former fleeting brush with a trouser of like cloth in between O and A levels. For Giles Netherpacket, a heavily side-burned wealthy tall person, has moved into the parish of Little Pocklington, complete with comfy corduroys!
Will their love be discovered? Will Mrs. Armitage, local busybody, expose the affair? Will the Rector’s sudden and unexpected promotion to Archbishop of Canterbury stifle their tryst? Or will the summer prove just too hot for corduroy? All will be revealed!