Women on the Verge of HRT

LTC in association with Jenny King and Pat Moylan

Vera and Anna, two forty-something fans of DANIEL O’DONNELL have travelled to Donegal to see the man of their dreams, and of course, attend his annual tea party. Back at their hotel, they bemoan the injustice of the biological clock, until a mysterious waiter appears- looking and sounding remarkably like their idol bringing tonic for their vodka and songs for their soul. A magical evening of hilarity and music with a story that will provoke tears of laughter and howls of recognition. Theatregoers and critics alike have poured praise on this show.
‘I have seen it three times¡ I love it¡’ (Daniel O’Donnell)
‘ as how that sings out its message: that women over 40 should get as much sex and love as they can’ (The Guardian)