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Welcome to the beautifully strange world of White. Full of birdsong and birdhouses, it gleams and dazzles and shines in the night. Two friends look after the birds and make sure the eggs stay safe. We watch, we help. The world is bright, ordered and white.

But high up in the trees, something’s different – everything isn’t white. Colour appears. First red… then yellow… then blue…

Presented by Catherine Wheels, White is a playful, highly visual show for very young children and is a perfect first time theatre experience.

“An utter delight no matter what your age.” – The Times

“A beautifully acted and neatly thought-out show… As cleverly executed as a conjuring trick.” – The Guardian

“Charming… A whirligig of a show… A masterclass in kids’ theatre and 40 minutes of fun.” – The Journal (Newcastle)

★★★★★ “There is a magical sense of discovery to White… This is the show to take them to this Christmas.” All Edinburgh Theatre

★★★★★ “A charming introduction to theatre for the little ones or adults alike.” – The Wee Review

“The idea is perfectly pitched, simple, clear, witty and gorgeous to look at.” – The Scotsman

“To all at WHITE – one of the great experiences of a lifetime. Thank you for great memories and the best 40 mins of my life. Best of luck and much appreciated.” – Sarah Jessica Parker

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