Most Wanted Theatre presents

Walk the Dog

A script-in-hand reading of Eve Steele’s new play…

Meet Amy, who’s 14 and has just shaved her hair on one side and should be at school but isn’t.

Meet Amy’s mum, who, despite being Amy’s mum, actually has a name of her own, so let’s call her by it: Charlie.

Meet Bones, Amy’s boyfriend, who’s 21 and tall and fit and is on the run from the police. The police in London.

And meet Amy’s dog, ASBO. He’s wild and free and he chews it up and spits it out and he will bark at your boyfriend and rip up your teddy bear, but then he’ll fetch and come and pant and obey and trot and protect and serve.

And when Amy spots her mum with ASBO in Platt Fields park, she sees an arm snake around her mum’s shoulder, right there in the Manchester sunshine. An arm that belongs to Bones.

“The storyline grabs your attention… Has the potential for an emotionally charged physical production.” – North West End

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  • £5.50 full / £4 conc