Waiting For Godot

a Library Theatre production of

Waiting For Godot, which is said to have inspired Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, which the Library Theatre mounted to wide acclaim and full houses last season, changed the face of modern theatre.
Vladimir and Estragon meet up on an isolated country road for an appointment with the mysterious Godot. But Godot displays few signs of showing up, so Vladimir and Estragon are left to their own devices while they wait for him to put in an appearance.
A compassionate and rich statement on the vagaries of the human condition, Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece is full of humour, comic irony, and music-hall jokes. It has not been seen on the Library Theatre stage since 1971, and is long overdue for a revival.
“A mystery wrapped in an enigma, puzzling and convincing at the same time… Theatre-goers cannot ignore Waiting For Godot” – Brooks Atkinson, New York Times
“Comic, cryptic, full of humanity and loaded with cosmic doubt” – Murray Bramwell, Adelaide Review
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