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Vice Versa

Would you disrupt the system to cause an awakening?

Xella loves to question things and enjoys working for the Welt.exe state. 

Xella thinks she is happy until one day a disrupted dream simulation offers her a way towards freedom.

Join Xella on a faith-filled journey towards enlightenment.

Congolese multi-disciplinary artist Dorcas Seb weaves music, spoken word performance, and physical theatre into a thought-provoking story about one character’s journey of faith.

Dorcas Seb is joined by a brilliant team of creatives who provide thrilling projection, atmospheric surround sound design, and contemporary choreography to enhance the storytelling where performance-art meets theatre.

A vibrant show where performance-art meets theatre. Explore the journey of how a young woman goes from being a passive civilian in a totalitarian, dystopian and android-like world to becoming an active voice for change and finding freedom.

Storytelling and Spoken Word Performance Workshop, Fri 1 Jul

Delve deeper into the themes of Vice Versa in a storytelling and spoken word workshop with rapper and artist Blue Saint. Find out more here.

Discover more about Vice Versa

This one-woman show is majestically combined with stunning visuals and physical/verbal storytelling. Vice Versa is based on the 2018 EP of the same name. Listen here:

Dorcas Seb is a Congolese multi-disciplinary artist specialising in drama, music and poetry.

Commissioned by Eclipse Theatre and HOME as part of the Slate: Black. Arts. World project in 2018/19, with development support from Unity Theatre. Funded by Arts Council England.

Her recent theatre credits include Big Up (Theatre-Rites & 20 Stories High), Black Men Walking (Eclipse Theatre) and I told my Mum I was going on an R.E. trip… (20 Stories High).  As a musician she has supported line ups including UK artists Akala, Lady Leshurr, Sway and Lowkey.  She has also worked with BBC, LUSH, Writing On The Wall, International Slavery Museum, Savera UK and more in her time as spoken word artist. Find out more at www.dorcasseb.com 


Written, co-produced and performed by Dorcas Seb
Director: Emmy Lahouel
Dramaturg: Dick Bonham
Sound Design / Musician: Eliyana Evans
Projection Design: Barret Hodgson
Set Design: Dylan Howells
Co-Producer: Saphena Aziz
Associate Producer: Joseph Ramsden