Louise Orwin presents

Ur Favourite Scary Movie

A playful digital offshoot of forthcoming project, CRY CRY KILL KILL

Originally showcased at HOME for Halloween 2020, with HOME’s closure on 4 Nov this online experience is now available for you to enjoy until 30 Nov.

Ur Favourite Scary Movie is an epic, indulgent audio experience which invites you into the sonic world of horror. Using the practice of Foley-making, binaural sound, spoken text and familiar loops from ‘ur favourite scary movie’, the work is part horror dreamscape, part investigation into a cultural hunger for HORROR. It asks what keeps you up at night, where fear dances with the imagination, and what it means to make friends with the unknown.

Bloodthirsty, thrill-hungry, and featuring an unending array of tropes, Ur Favourite Scary Movie promises you a horror movie inspired experience like no other (and one which you don’t need to leave your sofa for).

Ur Favourite Scary Movie is available solely as an audio experience, or with the addition of a video component. Choose ur own scary adventure, babes.

Devised by the team behind CRY CRY KILL KILL, and made in conjunction with original music composed by Alicia Jane Turner.

About Louise Orwin

Louise is an artist working across performance, video and text to create research-based projects which ask what it means to identify as queer and femme in a world which prizes heteronormative patriarchal narratives. Her work is provocative, political and slippery, and borrows gloriously from pop culture.

Ur Favourite Scary Movie is a digital offshoot of forthcoming new work CRY CRY KILL KILL: a decadent, radical exploration of ‘Other’-ness and horror (due to premiere in 2021).

Web: www.louiseorwin.com

Duration: 37 mins 32 secs

Content Warnings:

  • This experience is a study in horror, so please expect jumps, the unexpected and loud sounds. If you would like an accessible guide for where to expect these things please click here (contains spoilers).
  • There are flashing images in the video component.

Tickets are available as ‘Pay What You Can’ – the suggested price for this event is £10 – but there are a range of ticket prices so you can choose what you can afford from the options, including £0.

  • There is a captioned version of the piece available