Two Men and a Piano

Kit and The Widow, long time festival cabaret favourites, are two men and a piano who present a melange of what they call “comedy song and harmless badinage,” performed by “Western Europe’s leading lounge act.”
If you like Tom Lehrer, Victor Borge, Fascinating Aida, or Flanders and Swann, the chances are you’ll love Kit and The Widow.
“Literate and sophisticated… inventively filthy” – Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph
“I left the theatre feeling I had enjoyed an hour or so of civilised fun” – Benedict Nightingale, The Times
“Combining the allure of Flanders and Swann, and Noel Coward, with a healthy dose of Julian Clary… tinkling the ironies with class and camp… their penchant for innuendo is infectious” – James Rampton, The Independent

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