Filter Theatre presents

Twelfth Night

By William Shakespeare

Two worlds collide in Filter’s explosive take on Shakespeare’s lyrical Twelfth Night.

Olivia’s melancholic, puritanical household clashes head on with Sir Toby’s insatiable appetite for drunken debauchery. Orsino’s relentless pursuit of Olivia and Malvolio’s extraordinary transformation typify the madness of love in Illyria: land of make-believe and illusion.

This story of romance, satire and mistaken identity is crafted into one of the most exciting and accessible Shakespeare productions of recent years. Experience the madness of love in this heady world where riotous gig meets Shakespeare.

“A cheeky, delirious, fast paced and bloody loud production… A terrific crowd-pleaser.” – Manchester Theatre Awards

“Full of humour, energy and good music… A Shakespeare production where you can feel part of the party… At times very funny, at others very silly, this production has such energy and life.” – Quiet Man Dave

★★★★ “This is Shakespeare taken to the very edge, reshaped, remodelled and radically stripped back… I can’t remember the last time I laughed quite so much at the Bard of Stratford.” –  Bouquets & Brickbats

“It’s all very rough-and-ready and great fun… Filter’s treatment of Shakespeare perhaps isn’t for everyone, but as a rock-age clowning show that fits to the narrative of Twelfth Night, it’s a fun night out – and one that, if the reactions of the little boy on the front row on press night are anything to go by, can appeal to all ages.” – British Theatre Guide

“A brilliant evening of raucous entertainment… One of a kind and not to be missed.” – North West End

“Explosive… Wacky, wild and wonderfully weird… A wonderfully off-kilter production that’s well worth a watch.” – The Reviews Hub

“Not many plays produce such a raucous and excited reaction from their audience and Filter Theatre deserve an awful lot of admiration for extracting that reaction in a way that made Shakespeare seem fresh, young, and exciting.” – The Manchester Review

“Bold, loud, and irreverent… A hearty telling of the greatest of Shakespeare’s comedies had us all humming the final chorus on the way out.” – The Manchester Salon

“One of the best Twelfth Night’s I’ve ever seen.”  – What’s On Stage

‘”The most hardhearted purists would melt at Filter’s 90-minute reworking of this play, directed with passion, panache and precision by Sean Holmes. For newcomers to Shakespeare, I can’t think of a better introduction.” – Sunday Times

“The production has a messy, joyful, off –the-cuff quality, and in Poppy Miller it boasts one of the most affecting Violas I have ever seen.” – The Guardian

“Rock-and Roll Shakespeare’s a blast…. Filter is a company blessed with wit, style and a touch of magic….  This irreverent and inventive Twelfth Night never outstays its welcome….” – Daily Telegraph

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Running Time: 90mins (no interval)

Tickets: £23 – £10

Schools & Groups Information

– Suitable for GCSE and A Level English
– £11 per ticket, 1 teacher place free with every 10 students
– Available weekdays only and must be booked in advance.
– For more information, please email