Tom’s Midnight Garden

a Library Theatre production of

Twelve-year-old Tom is sent away to his aunt and uncle’s house for the summer to allow his brother, Peter, to recover from measles. Alone in a big rambling house, away from all his friends, he has nobody his own age to play with and talk to.
One night, unable to sleep, he is lying awake passing the time by counting the strikes of the grandfather clock. When it strikes 13, his curiosity gets the better of him and he ventures downstairs, where he discovers a magical Victorian world of mystery and adventure.
Tom’s Midnight Garden, which won the Theatre Managers’ Association Award for Best Show for Children and Young People in 2003, returns to the Library Theatre by public demand, after a hugely successful season in 2002.
“Library Theatre shows can be depended upon for outstanding storytelling and inventive stagecraft, which speak directly to children without talking down to them” – The Guardian on Tom’s Midnight Garden
“A magical slice of live theatre that children will never forget” – Manchester Evening News on Tom’s Midnight Garden