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The Tiger Lillies: Corrido de la Sangre

“All these bands are my favourites, but here is a favourite, favourite. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Tiger Lillies” – Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons

“There is nothing else like them. Any description of them is an injustice, they are completely peerless” – Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand

The Day of the Dead…

A Corrido singer and his band return from the realm of the dead to haunt their killer and tell us their dark story of intrigue, vengeance, murder and the mayhem of a romance gone bad.

This new, full-length show blends stunning visuals with original music from the Grammy-nominated godfathers of alternative cabaret, The Tiger Lillies.

Set in a small dusty town in the lands between Mexico and the US, the singer relays the tale of his rise and fall and the songs of life at the border, where mythical creatures from Aztec times still haunt the night.

This is a realm where folklore and real life merge, where you can meet a knight, an evil king, a damsel in distress and the Saint of the Sinners.

Anything is possible. Just don’t believe everything you hear…

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