If you could choose just one photo from your life, which one would you choose?

Last year, Xavier Bobés realised that his memory was starting to go. He also noticed that his mother was starting to forget things and there were big gaps in her memory. Things Easily Forgotten is a photographic show that transforms memories and, like forgetfulness, invents other, new ones.

Around a small table, in an intimate, salon setting, a powerful sequence of close-up sensory experiences invokes old memories and invents new ones. Through this miscellany of sights and sounds, objects and photos, a fascinating story unfolds in a powerful sequence exploring memory and identity. Like a magician, or medium at a séance, Xavier Bobés manipulates both past and future.

★★★★ “It’s a transporting experience, one that involves all the senses: music crackles from scratched vinyl, sherry sticks to your tastebuds, the smoke from birthday candles gets up your nose.” – What’s on Stage

Coproduction: Festival TNT (Terrassa Noves Tendències) in cooperation with L’Animal a l’Esquena. Xavier Bobés is resident artist in the artistic center l’Animal a l’Esquena, Celrà (Girona) since 2013.

Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) supports the participation of Xavier Bobés with his
Playground Theatre Company and of film directors Pablo Berger and Manuel Valcárcel
through the Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE), in the
framework of the Mobility grants.

  • Running time 75 mins. No interval
  • This is a performance for an audience of 5 people
  • Please meet in the foyer. The performance will take place backstage at HOME
  • No latecomers will be admitted
  • £10 full