Company Chameleon presents

The Shadow

Co-commissioned by HOME

Tomorrow isn’t coming.

As this knowledge bites, unpredictability grips the air and rationality disappears. Social conventions, conformity and the rules by which we live are stripped away.

Six characters and their shadow counterparts are swept into different stories and places, revealing inner worlds, hidden personalities, desires and motivations. The unevolved, primitive, inferior and awkward parts step into the light.

In his first full-length work since Beauty of The Beast (★★★★ The Guardian), choreographer Anthony Missen, uses an end of the world hypothesis and Carl Jung’s model of the psyche to delve into the theme of unconscious desires.

“Discomforting for the right reasons… The Shadow does not minimise the difficulties facing people who struggle with their mental health and, although it ends on a positive note, remains a powerful and disturbing dance.” – British Theatre Guide

“If film-maker Ken Loach was to make a dance piece I imagine it might be something like this… Raw, gritty and of the streets, yet at the same time this physically demanding and athletic work is also artistically accomplished… It is a rare mix.” – Quays Life

★★★★ “A genuinely impressive hour of physical art delivered in the form of world-class contemporary dance” – The Greater Manchester Reviewer

★★★★ “Company Chameleon can be both subtle and explosive in the communication of its work… I could only marvel at the sheer physical strength on display… This show is at the beginning of its journey and I know it will be a success.” North West End

“It made me think, it brought my own shadow to light, it made me question the nature of humanity… I don’t think there is a higher complement I can pay to the show.” – Mancunian Matters

“An incredibly emotive piece… This truly felt like a piece of art… Definitely disturbed my comfort, but maybe that is what it was designed to do.” – Mancunion

“I was glued to the characters throughout… I urge you to go and see it!” – FUSE FM

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  • £14 full / £12 concs
  • Running time 60 mins
  • Contains Haze