The Seagull

a Library Theatre Company Production

Recognised as one of the defining works of the modern theatre, The Seagull established Checkhov as a vital and revolutionary dramatist.
Arkadina, a famous actress, jealously demands to be the constant centre of attention. Her son konstantin, a mediocre unpublished writer with great pretensions, is in love with Nina, who is in love with Trigorin, Arkadina’s lover and a famous writer. When Konstantin, in a moment of lovelorn desperation, kills a seagull and lays it at the feet of his estranged lover, it foreshadows the shattering events to come.
The Seagull is a wonderfully rich tale of passionate love and unrequited love ambition and thwarted ambition. With an international reputation for critically acclaimed productions, Compass Theatre Company’s production of The Seagull will be a powerful theatrical experience.