Young Vic presents

The Jumper Factory

By Luke Barnes

“I wait whilst the world carries on, whilst my family grow old, whilst my lovers move on, and I count down the days, and I wait…”

How would you survive in prison?

Created in collaboration with inmates at HMP Wandsworth and written by Luke Barnes, this intimate and powerful new play explores the stories of people behind bars and the resilience they need to face a world that moves on without them.

This production is presented by a cast of young men aged from 18 – 25, whose lives have all been affected in some way by the criminal justice system.

Conceived By Young Vic Taking Part and Justin Audibert.

“Telling the stories of others is a weighty responsibility, The Jumper Factory is sensitive to this… Reminds us that people are more than their crimes.” – The Guardian

“The young cast show great maturity in their approach to the material and have no difficulty in setting the audience at ease… Brings out the human cost of incarceration... A powerful presentation and a strong showcase for a group of actors new to their craft.” – British Theatre Guide

“The performances are lucid and potently compelling… Highly innovative and deeply thoughtful… The Jumper Factory is an emotive and touching reminder of the old saying that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” – The Greater Manchester Reviewer

“An appropriately intense 45 minutes… Moves with a fast-paced narrative… The strength of this play persists in its heartfelt, human aspect.” – Visit Manchester

For a brief 45 minutes, the audience might be gripped, entertained and stimulated but this remains the everyday experience of all the men who contributed to the show… In the space of a one-act play, we are provided with such a vast perspective on life in Wandsworth… A heartfelt plea to be remembered and understood by the men counting the seconds until their next milestone.” – Quays Life

“The Jumper Factory shatters our dewy-eyed illusions [about] what it really is like to be inside prison… A short, sharp, bittersweet dive into the world behind bars.” – Caught in the Act

“If you walk away at curtain down with your thoughts provoked or your senses stimulated or even your funny bone triggered, then the entire outfit involved has done its job… And last night, The Jumper Factory did just that. As the saying goes, it is, indeed, what it is. And what it is, is a not-to-be-missed tale told with a combination of truth and talent.” – Honorary Manc

“Smart, astute… A potent reminder of the importance and the impact of time misspent… Beautifully directed by Josh Parr.” – Live Art Alive

“Zooms in on the experiences of prisoners and is cleverly orchestrated so that the six actors all have the voice of one man… And they all do an excellent job.” – Performance In Motion

“[Luke] Barnes’ writing evokes humour, sadness, seriousness and silliness in turn, an admirable achievement which puts a human touch behind the grey tracksuits, blank statistics and ‘thug’ stereotypes of a ‘prisoner’… It’s a testament to the strength of the programme that several of the cast have either signed on with theatrical agents or respected theatre schools as a direct result of their participation in this production.” – The Reviews Hub

“A perfectly executed piece of theatre that is engaging, and surprisingly funny.” – The Play’s The Thing

“The play leaves the audience not just empathetic for the young men’s story, but also with a deeper understanding of the suffocating prejudices faced by people in prison… These young men may be in prison for the time being, but this is by no means who they are, or who they will become.” – Mancunian Matters

“Prison Theatre is a fascinating branch of applied theatre and it is wonderful to see this taking centre stage at HOME.” – Reviewer Number 9

  • Running time 45 mins
  • Recommended 14+
  • This show contains strong language
  • This show contains haze
  • £12.50 full / £10.50 conc