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The Events

“Do you speak English? Not to worry. We’re all a big crazy tribe here. Do you want to look at the music? Do you want to sit?”

David Greig’s daring new play asks how far forgiveness can go in the face of atrocity within your own community. Featuring local choirs from Manchester and a soaring soundtrack, The Events tells of tragedy, obsession and our destructive desire to fathom the unfathomable.

When something terrible happens, we want to know why. Why now? Why me? Why us? Claire, the priest of a small seaside village, wants to understand why a boy walked into her choir rehearsal and slaughtered several members. Her search for answers and rage consume her, but the more information she gathers, the further she wanders from the truth and from herself.

This is a mighty play about not just one lost soul, but many. It is about grief and anger, but also about the things that bind us together as a community, the things that drive us apart, and what it is that makes us human.

David Greig’s award-winning play features a different local choir at every performance on stage, accompanying this story of community and redemption.

Voted the Best Play of 2013 by critics in The Guardian.






With grateful thanks to Shackleford Pianos of Macclesfield for the loan of a piano for this production. More information on 0800 0329910, or via email.