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David Hoyle presents

Ten Commandments

Directed by Mark Whitelaw
Dramaturgy by Jayne Compton

Following smash-hits Diamond and Yule Be Sorry, David Hoyle returns to HOME with Ten Commandments, combining his captivating stage performance with lacerating social commentary. Rioting the wrongs of contemporary Britain, Ten Commandments promises to rebalance all the inequities and injustices that surround us.

In this light-hearted antidote to the rat-infested dystopia in which we currently find ourselves, David returns the Garden of Eden to its natural state free from nuclear weapons, landfills and perpetual burning forests. We welcome the congregation to liberate themselves and others in a thermonuclear explosion of love and also hope for what remains of the 21st century.

“He is raw, sometimes a bit frightening, but also thrilling in his look-no-hands recklessness.” – The Guardian on David Hoyle’s Magazine

“There is nothing quite like it: bold and unique, electrifying and disarmingly humane.” – Time Out

Commissioned by Contact and Soho Theatre. Supported by Arts Council England. Presented in association with Contact and produced by Jayne Compton for Switchflicker Productions.