Josh Coates presents

Sunday Morning

Digital Event

Sunday Morning is a walking tour of the internet which takes audiences through the history of trespass and asks how we can occupy digital spaces in similar ways. An invitation to inhabit the internet with dissenting intent, to claim dead websites and squat them to create new spaces for protest and organising.
The show focuses on two pieces of land and explores their history, Winter Hill in Bolton and Walshaw Moor in Hebden Bridge and compares how their treatment by landowners has a greater impact on the climate as well as local workers.

Sunday Morning ties these stories together through other stories of wealthy landlords/landowners contributing to large scale carbon emissions/environmental damage. It’s a collage of capitalistic horror. The show focuses on hyper-local  examples of environmental damage and offers overtly anti-capitalist methods of direct action.

Audiences will experience Sunday Morning digitally on their own devices, via the software Hitch Hiker, which will create a unique audience experience. Further information and technical support will be provided at the point of booking.

1 hour

  • Running time: 1 hour

Tickets: £8.50 full / £6.50 concessions