Analogue presents


By Hannah Barker and Lewis Hetherington

The critically acclaimed new show from two-time Edinburgh Fringe First winners, Analogue.

A Boeing 777 begins its descent towards Heathrow. The wheels unfold out of the belly of the plane. The frozen body of a stowaway is tipped out and cuts through the clear morning sky. In the car park of B&Q, Andy looks up. Something is falling out of the sky. A man crash-lands on the ground in front of him.

Stowaway is the story of a man from India who moves to the UAE for the promise of work and prosperity. When he finds himself trapped within a Dubai labour camp, with his passport and wages withheld from him, he hides in the wheel well of a plane bound for the UK, in a bid for a better life. It’s a story about invisible and physical borders and the people who transcend them.

But what are the rules of telling someone else’s story when they come from a world so very different from our own?

With the skeleton of a plane cutting across the stage, Stowaway flies back and forth through time and place, looking at storytelling as a political act.

“[Stowaway] feels intellectual and considered in its approach to the subject matter… The performances are strong.” – The Reviews Hub

“A glance at schedules for the coming months shows that the theme of immigration has inspired a number of playwrights. Authors and directors Hannah Barker and Lewis Hetherington set a high standard with Stowaway.” – Manchester Theatre Awards

“A worthwhile and thought-provoking production.” – North West End

“A sharp and sinewy story, one that delivers more questions that it offers answers for. It’s a prescient tale and one that I would highly recommend… If you’re able to catch a performance, please do: you’ll be moved, informed and riveted by what you see onstage.” – Bouquets & Brickbats

★★★★ “This has the feel of the best political theatre of the 1970s but incorporating a modern world where communication is instantaneous but loneliness and despair shroud many lives… As austerity bites deep into theatre budgets, most venues are playing it safe with revivals of the classics. Hats off to HOME for giving a voice to new writers and being prepared to take a risk. With Stowaway they have found a real gem.” – Morning Star

“The show combines sound and movement to good effect to give a sense of many stories unfolding simultaneously and a babble of conflicting viewpoints.” – The Guardian

“The bright young things of British Theatre.” – The Observer

  • Running time is 1hr 25mins
  • Recommended age 14+

£18 – £10 (conc. available)