How do we understand ourselves in isolation? What does it mean to exist in relation to others? No man is an island but disabled people know intimately what it is to be unable to be self without the support of another.

Self & Other, a brand new show from CRIPtic Arts, explores the distance between the two, navigating silence and communication, the internal and the external, holding the mirror up to the self. Through a series of short monologues, some of the UK’s most exciting disabled performers reach out to touch the boundaries of self, unraveling the intricate threads that separate one individual from another. Jasmin Thien embarks on a journey to untangle the secrets within her family’s history, where the weight of untold truths looms large. Ada Eravama delves into the complexities of familial love and the necessity of distancing oneself from hidden secrets, while Jessi Parrott rediscovers her own motion and vitality after a breakup.

Self & Other is an exploration of the human experience that will leave you questioning, connecting, and feeling more alive than ever before.


About CRIPtic Arts

CRIPtic Arts is a disabled led creative hub bringing the most exciting disabled creatives to stages around the UK. We produce work that is urgent: bold, feisty, vulnerable and darkly comedic. Previous show iclude the award winning NOT DYING (Barbican 2019, HOME Manchester 2022), The CRIPtic Showcase (Barbican 2021), and the CRIPtic Cabaret. (HOME Manchester, 2022).

CRIPtic Arts works to make the arts industry more accessible, and to support, develop and champion disabled people across the industry. It was founded in 2019 and works on:

Artistic excellence: Building opportunities for deaf and disabled creatives at every point in their career including through workshops, 1:1 advice, and funding application support

Curating showcases and development opportunities, championing work by disabled people, with a particular focus on those whose access needs aren’t met elsewhere

Delivering access training, advice and consultancy to companies and institutions by embedding disability justice at the heart of their approach. This is informed by research, resources, revolution – the research and policy development arm of CRIPtic Arts’ work.

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