Go on a sensory journey into the heart of Latin America!

REWIND pieces together a scientific examination of a crime secretly buried.  Combining music, energetic movement, puppetry, projection and innovative lighting, this poignant, visceral show reveals an intimate backward journey into the life and death of Alicia, a young woman who dared to resist against authoritarianism.

The multi-award winning show is inspired by recurring facts from human rights abuse in Latin America and draws from Forensic Anthropology, the first science in history to investigate human rights violation…

About Ephemeral Ensemble

We are a multi-award-winning global majority led physical theatre ensemble. We make work driven by a theme or a question, which inspires us to find fact-based stories that shine a light on current hidden social issues. Collaboration between the artistic team, the community and professionals in other fields is vital to our process. Our work is political, visually striking, highly dynamic, thought provoking and moving at heart. We combine the high physicality of the performers, original music and playful interaction with the stagecraft to create a narrative.

Winner of inaugural Summerhall’s Rewind Award 2023 (The Award was aptly named after our show – for ensemble work with stories of decolonisation).
Winner of LUSTRUM Award for unforgettable work at Edinburgh Fringe 2023
Winner of Warwick Award for Public and Community Engagement 2023
OFF Fest Nomination

“This is how theatre should be”

Broadway Baby

“Indispensable work of essential humanity”

Theatre Weekly

“Extraordinarily powerful”

Three Weeks

“Special and unforgettable”

Lost in Theatreland

"Scorching show… Ephemeral Ensemble use music, light, movement and puppetry to astonishing affect”

The Guardian

“Deeply moving”


“Kaleidoscopically creative”

The Stage

“This thrilling performance keeps heart rates sky high”

Fest Magazine

"Highly highly recommended”

Mervyn Stutter’s pick of the Fringe

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