Curated by Mighty Heart

Start the new year by empowering yourself with a delicious evening of female performance. From the weird and the wacky to the northern and the gritty, join us for an evening of scratch work from audacious, self-identifying women.

Curated by Mighty Heart Theatre, aka Sam and Lisa, who make imaginative work with a political and social focus.

The line-up is:


Inspired by her mother’s decision to send her children to judo, WRESTLELADSWRESTLE is a joyful reclamation of the female body. Borrowing from judo, contemporary dance, folk dance, self-defence and entertainment wrestling, she wants to play fight for you and with you. 

Jennifer Jackson is an actor, theatre maker and movement director. She was the under 50kg AJA British Judo Champion.  

Created a Monster: Persephone

Persephone is a solo experiment combining physical storytelling techniques, Butoh and text inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphosis. Briony had childhood epilepsy, and the idea for this piece grew out of that experience, exploring the territory of seizure and fracture through the myth of Persephone.  Persephone was a goddess who was raped and claimed by Hades, god of the underworld.  She was goddess of the harvest and also goddess of destruction.

Created a Monster is a Lecoq-trained company that explores social constructs, unusual stories and personal hells through original devising which leans towards the dark and outlandish.  Their international project Mortgage has seen them collaborate with the world-renowned David Glass Ensemble and in Spring 2019 will tour to London, Athens and Oslo.

Natalie Wardle: Control Pant Symphony

A performance looking at how women constrict their bodies to fit in with society’s ideal body types; exploring shape wear and tape that is placed over nipples to both cover and repress their form.

Natalie Wardle is a performance and visual artist from Manchester; she has been selected to work with Random Acts North (Tyneside Cinema, True North, HOME) to develop Control Pant Symphony, leading to showings on Channel 4’s Random Acts and at the ICA (London). She is now exploring developing the piece into a live performance.

YEAP Theatre Company: Talk to Yourself 

Talk to yourself is a story. Actually, it’s a monologue and it’s based on true stories about pregnancy experiences and personal choices. Actually, it’s the combination of different stories brought together into one. The core is: “Listen to nature blowing her whispers to you, telling you not to think about the words of others, for when they say it’s wrong, it doesn’t mean that it’s not right.”  One actress, a musician and a painter will be on stage. They’re all going to express themselves in their own way but they will always be connected to each other and influenced by one topic: abortion in a dystopian world.

YEAP Theatre Company is a group of women who are experienced in different art forms. They work with artists from different cultural backgrounds and with disabilities. They believe in social and political theatre. Adriana Buonfantino (Léa Fante): director and playwriter; Julia Blackwell: actress; Ellie Boney: cellist; Catherine Jack: painter.

“An exciting and celebratory night watching the future artists of contemporary theatre… Well done to everyone involved!” – Reviewer Number 9


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  • £7 full / £6 conc
  • Recommended age 16+
  • The second performance of the evening makes reference to sexual assault
  • The third performance contains partial nudity
  • The performances contain swearing