Propel 2.0

Curated by Javaad Alipoor

We’re very excited to be hosting our very first Propel scratch night on the Theatre 1 stage, bringing work up to a bigger platform and encouraging artists to experiment in a bigger space.

See four exceptional artists try out brand new ideas in an evening of experimentation and daring, with each act exploring new work at a first stage of development, in a bigger space and at a bigger scale than they’ve worked before.

Propel 2.0 is curated by Javaad Alipoor, writer, theatre maker, director, filmmaker and occasional journalist. He is Artistic Director of Javaad Alipoor Productions and makes work at different scales, building cross-platform digital and community work into everything he does. Javaad is currently making work supported by HOME, The National Theatre Studio and The Space.

Performances on the night are:

Melody Sproates: You are who you choose to be

Melody is sick and tired of being asked ‘Are you a boy or a girl?’, so they’ve made a lip sync to explain that… they’re neither. This short comedy performance encapsulates Melody’s experiences with the gender binary and reaches out to an audience to tell them that it is okay to be whoever you are, as long as they are their true, authentic and happy self.

Melody Sproates is a non-binary writer, comedian and cabaret artist. They make work that entertains, challenges and educates people on transgender and non-binary issues by opening up conversations and having more trans voices heard in theatre.

YESYESNONO: the accident did not take place

Okay okay okay, so on the 6th January she falls from the rooftop of a high-rise flat, and then their bodies wash up on beaches on our television screens, as somewhere on the other side of the world an airplane begins to dip…

And Sam? Well nobody’s seen Sam since the accident.

the accident did not take place is a brand new show from award-winning YESYESNONO. Join us in a world of mass-media news and social-media truth.

The development of the accident did not take place is supported by HOME, ARC Stockton and Camden People’s Theatre.

YESYESNONO is an emerging, Manchester-based company. Their work explores what authentic encounters might look like in a world fragmented. They won the Total Theatre Award (Best Emerging Company) 2017 for their debut show Five Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist and were listed as one of Top Five Young Companies 2018 by the Guardian after their second show [insert slogan here].

Art and the Mannequins: Before a pack of wild dogs eat my face

Before a pack of wild dogs eat my face is a multimedia experience that explores masculinity and grief on stage and screen. We are invited into the private space of a man’s everyday life, as he carries out a series of domestic chores before a pack of wild dogs eat his face.

Directed and Devised by Naqqash Khalid. Produced by Danielle Swidrak and Ashlee Cox.

Art and the Mannequins is a collective made up of Naqqash Khalid (Director), Danielle Swidrak (Producer), and Helen Mason (Producer). Their latest project, a short film called Stock, was commissioned by Sky Arts and is set for broadcast in Spring 2019.

Kayleigh Price: The Left One Out 

A displaced voice. Not longing to play.

Capture the essence of a visual journey.

‘The Left one out’, is a piece inspired from Kayleigh’s upbringing, a female from a working-class family, one of six. The solo focuses on Anxiety, Patience and the Mis-representation of the Female Gender, leading to multiple social pressures causing a lot of frustration. This idea derives from her personal experience of pursuing a career in an industry where segregation is discreetly connected in our subconscious.

How do I find my voice? Presenting an auto-biographical work that comments on Social issues/pressures.

Kayleigh Price dance is directed and choreographed by Kayleigh Price based in the North. A dance-theatre company that challenges and confronts real life experiences. Her current work ‘The Left one out’ is a solo that challenges Kayleigh to go on a journey to find her own voice.

Previous work includes Duet ‘Two’ in collaboration with Company Nil where the piece was performed in the festival ‘ Young Minds Matter LX festival’ in Lisbon, Portugal.

“Yet another great night out at HOME.” – Reviewer Number 9

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  • £7 full / £6 conc
  • £5 Student tickets