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Open Mic

An ETT and Soho Theatre Co-Production in association with HOME.

We need fun! Human beings need fun. It’s not a want. It’s a human need.

Do you remember the last fun night out you had before the misery of 2020 really hit?

What would you have done for a night like the ones you’ve missed out on?

As the nation begins its tentative journey out of lockdown, Rob Drummond offers us an opportunity to come together, let our hair down and share stories and secrets from the last year. His new show Open Mic is a live, interactive online celebration of community, storytelling, music, comedy, and talent – not his, but yours.

Share your stories, your songs, your poetry, your joy and your confessions. Or if that’s not for you, simply sit back, relax and let Rob and a few willing participants sweep you off on an unexpected journey, live from Downstairs at Soho Theatre.

Written and performed by Rob Drummond
Director – Richard Twyman
Designer – Jean Chan
Video and Lighting Designer – Will Monks
Sound Designer – Elena Pena
Assistant Director – Hana Pascal Keegan
Stage Manager – Shannon Martin
Stage Manager – Oran O’Neill
Production Manager – Tom Lee