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One Woman

In a heady mix of snatched music from punk to jazz, immersive projections from the banks of the Nile to the bottom of the sea, through a 360-degree soundscape that takes you deep into her mind, the world premiere of Cheryl Martin’s new show One Woman asks what it means to survive childhood trauma.  Some sixty-five percent of us have been there, just like her:  how does that affect us?  What are the consequences? 

One Woman looks at what was changed as Cheryl lets you live with her through the everyday chaos created by an unending battle to control and to suppress the overwhelming emotions early trauma causes.

But in One Woman you also share the transformation of chaos into beauty, through an intense all-senses-on-board ride that goes to the heart of what it means to change damage into wonder.

Commissioned by Unlimited, Wellcome Collection Partnership Award and HOME, produced by Jayne Compton for Switchflicker Productions.