One Night There

re:play 2011 presents

In an unknown time, in a place ruled solely by men, two women form a bond that forces them to question their part in the creation of the walls that confine them. Is there an escape? And at what price?

One Night There is an unflinching portrayal of one woman’s attempt to speak out in a world where men have the last word. Live music, rich language and strong physicality combine in a play that is both lyrical and heart-rending

One Night There was developed in Kurdish by Kurdistan Art and Culture, a collective of artists in exile in Greater Manchester. Scripted by Bhean Ali, it was based on her own experiences in Kurdistan and in exile, as well as testimony from other women she knew in the community. As Bhean says ‘every story and event in the play has happened to me, or to someone I know’. The show weaves these stories into a lyrical exploration of gender issues and the pressures on women in all cultures. The Kurdish version was premiered at Contact Theatre in March 2010 as part of Community Arts North West’s Tower of Babel festival of multi-lingual work, and was subsequently performed in Kurdistan, where it provoked strong reactions – both positive and negative – in audiences.

During the summer of 2010, North West Playwrights supported Crystal Stewart to work with Bhean, KAC and CAN to develop this English language adaptation. This was performed at Sale Waterside Theatre in November as part of CAN’s Exodus Onstage theatre season, a series of performances across Greater Manchester exploring the narratives of war, diaspora and asylum.

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Running time: 45 minutes