Sol Picó presents

One-Hit Wonders

To mark her 20th anniversary, ground-breaking Spanish choreographer and flamenco star Sol Picó celebrates with  the one-night only, UK premiere of  One-Hit Wonders.

This outstanding solo show from the winner of 2016’s Spanish National Dance Award is built with fragments of Sol Picó’s most iconic works, D.V. A (Dudoso valor
artístico) (1999); Bésame el cactus (2000); Paella Mixta (2004); El Llac de les Mosques (2009) and Memòries d’una puça (2012).

The show is presented as a celebration of the everyday life of an artist, of the common places all artists travel through.

The celebration of the fear of failure.
The celebration of your father’s desired recognition.
The celebration of our little deaths.
The celebration of the greatest hits.
The celebration of unfulfilled desires.
The celebration of the found happiness.
The celebration of what you cannot see.
The celebration of abandoning your comfort zone.
The celebration of the shared passion.

This show is accompanied by actor, fakir and machinist Joan Manrique.