Bootworks Theatre presents

Now Listen To Me Very Carefully

Imagine if you lived your life according to the values set out in the movie Terminator 2.

Now Listen To Me Very Carefully is exactly that, a semi-autobiographical piece about Andy’s filmic obsession, where the audience helps Andy recreate the film. He estimates he has watched Terminator 2 roughly 238 times in his lifetime, spending almost a month of his 28 years in front of it. As a teenager, Terminator 2 was all he had to guide him through his adolescence… so using stand-up comedy, storytelling and participation, Andy transports the audience back to that delicate age when girls were a mystery, make believe was everything – and the future was yet to be written.

“A highly original if ramshackle presentation… Chase scenes that cost millions of dollars are recreated with a couple of toys… It is this cheap and cheerful air of innocence that makes Now Listen To Me Very Carefully so engaging.” – Manchester Theatre Awards

“Good-natured silly fun – a chance to leave your cares at the door and immerse yourself in a genuine Hollywood blockbuster… Amongst the chaos and absurdity is a genuinely sweet, touching story.” – The Reviews Hub

“A joyously anarchic hour… If you are in need of a pick me up, as opposed to pick apart, catch them for two more nights here in Manchester at HOME.” – North West End

★★★★★ “DIY remake of a Hollywood blockbuster – with a warm glow.” – The Scotsman

★★★★ “An exciting, all-action nighttime performance…go with them if you want to live.” – Time Out

★★★★ “For 75 minutes of sheer fun it is worth throwing yourself into the madness, if you’re a fan of Arnie or not.” – The Reviews Hub

★★★★ “It’s funny and a smidge obsessive – perfect for this love letter to the headrush of cinematic escape.” – Fest Magazine

  • Recommended age 15+
  • Running time: approx 1hr 10mins (no interval)
  • Add a screening of The Terminator to your theatre ticket on Sat 9 Jul for a combined price of £17.50
  • £12 (conc. available)
  • Total Terminator Day: Add a screening of The Terminator to your theatre ticket on Sat 9 Jul
    Theatre + film ticket £17.50