Neville’s Island

A Library Theatre Production

They’re wet, cold and trapped in fogbound, deserted island. Supplies are low and when night falls strange things happen in the wild woods. Only their corage and resourcefulness stand between these men and peridition. As fate strips away the thin Vineer of civilisation their true nature is revealed.
These are no ordinary men.
These are the Managers.
From Salford…
…On an outward-Bound style management course that goes horribly wrong.
Neville’s Island is a play to awaken primordial fears in every urban male… and to rouse their wives, sweethearts and sisters to gales of laughter.
Neville’s Island is the comic find of the decade. It is written by Tim Firth, twenty something author of TV’s All Quiet on Preston Front.
First seen just 3 years ago it was greeted with excitment by the critics and quickly transfered to the West End.