National Theatre Connections 2019

Greater Manchester’s youth theatres, schools and colleges perform here at HOME in the National Theatre’s Connections festival, a celebration of young people, theatre-making and the importance of access to the arts.

Each year the National Theatre commissions ten new plays for young people to perform, bringing together some of the most exciting writers with the theatre makers of tomorrow.

Connections is supported by The Mohn Westlake Foundation, The Buffini Chao Foundation, Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, Delta Air Lines, Jacqueline and Richard Worswick, The Peter Cundill Foundation, Mactaggart Third Fund, The EBM Charitable Trust, Samantha and Richard Campbell-Breeden, Susan Miller and Byron Grote, The Broughton Family Charitable Trust and The Derrill Allatt Foundation.

Tue 12 Mar
St Anselms College: Salt by Dawn King
Stockport Garrick Youth Theatre: Ageless by Benjamin Kuffuor

Tue 23 Apr
Tracing Steps: Variations by Katie Hims
Oldham College: Chaos by Laura Lomas

Wed 24 Apr
St John Plessington Catholic College: The Small Hours by Katherine Soper
St Thomas More Catholic High School: Salt by Dawn King

Thu 25 Apr
Winstanley College: The Sad Club by Luke Barnes & music by Adam Pleeth
Burnage Academy for Boys: Class by Ben Bailey Smith & Lajaune Lincoln

Fri 26 Apr
Queen’s Park High School: Flesh by Rob Drummond
PRO:Jections Theatre Company: Chaos by Laura Lomas

Sat 27 Apr
Imaginarium Theatre: Class by Ben Bailey Smith & Lajaune Lincoln
Dalton Theatre Company: Flesh by Rob Drummond

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  • £5 all tickets