My Husband is a Spaceman

Kazuko Hohki-€™s solo show

A multi-media solo show, the third part of an absorbing trilogy following Toothless and The Shining Princess. It tells the story of a Japanese office lady who is content with her single life style, having abandoned any expectation of meeting ‘Mr Right’. This is before she encounters Robin, an English University fellow, who she meets in Tokyo. They fall in love, get married, and move to England.
But married life is not what he expects. Every night the eccentric Englishman locks himself up in a room upstairs in their house.
My Husband is a Spaceman is derived from an old Japanese folk tale of love between a peasant and a crane – based on Kazuko’s experience (to some extent) of a cross- cultural relationship, loneliness and how to survive it.  
One of the most personal and affecting performances you are ever likely to see.