What is a veteran? Survivor? Hero? Mad Man?

In Lola Arias’ Minefield, six Falklands/Malvinas war veterans who once faced each other across a battlefield now face each other across a stage.

Together they share memories, films, songs and photos, as they recall their collective war and embody the political figures that led them into it.

Soldier, veteran, human – these men have stories to share as they take us from the horrors of war to today’s uncertainties, with brutal honesty and startling humour.

“A remarkable piece of theatre… a thoughtful and provocative hour and forty minutes in the theatre.” – British Theatre Guide

★★★★ “A deeply personal portrayal of stories makes the performance more intimate and raw… Beautifully put together.” – Upstaged Manchester

“An extraordinary piece of documentary theatre… A first-class documentary that delivers new information in a new way… A wonderfully informative and genuinely educational show.” – The Greater Manchester Reviewer

“What is so compelling about this production is that the six performers on stage were, in their own lives, living with the very real consequences of war… There is an openness that is overwhelming… One of the most original, organic and authentic plays I’ve ever seen.” – Quiet Man Dave

“Compelling… One of the most original, organic and authentic plays I’ve ever seen” – Manchester Theatre Awards

“With such a sad storyline, you think it would be all doom and gloom – but no! Adding in comedic moments such as a drag striptease and a cameo appearance from Maggie Thatcher, the veterans entertain the entire audience and take them on a rollercoaster of emotions in just 1 hour 40 minutes.” – Jess’ Random World

“Never has a vision been so realised than in Minefield… Not only in the accounts that as an audience member, you feel moved and privileged to be privy to, but in the imaginative, clever, informative and humorous ways in which the play does so.” – Honorary Manc Blog

★★★★ “[An] innovative mixture of mirth, film, parody, musical interludes and moments of true reflection where two opposing tribes are brought together… A must see for any socially conscious theatre goer!” – Caught in the Act

“Skilful acting isn’t relevant here; in its place stands captivating sincerity… It’s easy to forgive the clunky movements, any unclear articulation and the almost non-existent momentum, as these veterans earn our respect and admiration… I, for one, was hanging on their every word.” Harpy magazine

“Argentinean theatre Lola Arias has created something quite extraordinary with Minefield.” – Live Art Alive

★★★★ “At no point did Minefield feel contrived, or like anecdotes were included for effect or theatricality.” – North West End

“[A] powerful piece of documentary theatre… Political theatre at its best.” – The State of the Arts

“Painfully honest and raw, the show manages to be devastating critique of war without feeling at all polemical… A humbling experience.” – Unrestricted Views

★★★★★ “Astonishingly moving, sensitive and humane.” – Time Out

★★★★★ “An eye-opening feast which astutely combines storytelling with imaginative staging to create something genuinely fresh.” – Metro

★★★★ “A powerful act of remembrance… Demands to be seen.” – The Daily Telegraph

★★★★ “Remarkable, honest and quietly moving – a subtle, intelligent and compassionate piece of theatre.” – Financial Times

★★★★ “The six veterans, non-actors all, give us startling bilateral insights into the events of April, May and June 1982 from their uniquely personal vantage points and, crucially, leave us in no doubt of the toll that war has taken on their lives in the decades since.” – London Evening Standard

★★★★ “Lola Arias’ production is a testament to the power of theatre. She highlights the arts’ ability to heal, and cross cultural boundaries. This experience will stay with the audience for a while. It’s a theatrical experiment that results in a human triumph.” – Broadway World

★★★★ “An informative and interesting insight into an often overlooked area of history, Minefield deals with a challenging subject in a new and interesting way, coming to epitomise cultural divisions at the forefront of British politics and encouraging us all to reconcile around broader and more human commonalities.” – The Spy in the Stalls

“A testament to the power of creative collaboration – it is more than theatre as therapy, it is theatre as a toll of communication, illumination and healing… Unmissable.” – The Stage

“A worthy attempt to highlight the inanity of warfare. In the long run, that should be regarded as its purpose so that the measure of the play’s value will be the extent to which it helps to persuade those in power across the globe to avoid future conflicts.” – British Theatre Guide

“Frank and honest, an objective attempt to show war from the perspective of the combatants rather than the countries, governments and leaders, and ultimately hopeful. Ground-breaking theatre indeed.” – Gareth’s Culture and Travel Blog

Minefield is a LIFT production by Lola Arias, originally commissioned and co- produced by LIFT, Brighton Festival, Royal Court Theatre, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Theaterformen, Le Quai Angers, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Maison des Arts de Créteil and Humain Trop Humain / CDN de Montpellier.

  • Recommended age 14+
  • Running time 1 hour 40 mins
  • Performed in English and Spanish with subtitles
  • Please be aware this show will contain strobe lighting
  • £24 – £10 (concs. available)