Make Believe

re:play 2011 presents

It’s The Ballerina’s birthday – celebrated, as always, with balloons, party games and the appearance of her reluctant friend, The Jockey. They plan the annual adventure to far flung lands, reminisce about old times and can’t resist attempting to physically assault each other – so far an average year.

Summoned every birthday for twenty-five years The Jockey has had enough. It’s been a very long quarter of a century. As imaginary friends go, he should have been killed off years ago.

But this year something is different. This year, something is not quite right. This year, maybe … just maybe … it might be the last.

But escaping from tutus and ponies becomes a race against time. Are they really ready to let go of their past? Who says it’s time to grow up. All must be decided before the clock strikes midnight.

If you let it, your mind can take you anywhere. But in a world where fantasy and fact collide is it time to stop pretending and join the real world? After all, it’s only make believe … isn’t it?

Join The Jockey and The Ballerina in this fast paced, funny and moving story.

A comedy that leaves a lot to the imagination.

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£8 (£6 concessions).
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Running time: 55 minutes