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Sh!t Theatre presents

Livestream: Sh!t Actually

This is an online stream of a live performance taking place on the HOME stage.

A two-woman 100% faithful, word-by-word* remake of the Christmas film we all hate to love:

‘Love Actually’.

‘Love Actually’ is Sh!t Actually.

The ‘rising stars of performance art’ (Telegraph) Rebecca Biscuit and Louise Mothersole take on their hardest roles yet. All the roles. With live songs, queer love stories, and politics questioned by women with actual lines – come to this adults-only celebration of Christmas Actually.

From the makers of DollyWould, Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum With Expats and Sing-a-long-A-Muppet Christmas Carol (Time Out Top 12 Xmas Shows of 2018; “Justifiably much loved & brilliant” This Week London.)

A brand new cult Christmas hit.
100% Christmas sell-out 2019.
Get your tickets while you can.


*Just kidding

Evening Standard ‘Best Alternative Christmas Shows
Time Out Top 10 Shows of the Year 2016 + 2019

“Sh!t Theatre’s achievement is to make it impossible to ever watch Love Actually again without your mouth falling agape in horror” Stage Door

“Any chance of Sh!t Weddings and a Funeral?” The Times

“Sh!t Theatre’s shows have always combined performance art anarchy with bags of humour – slyly sliced by more serious concerns.” Independent

“Magnificent Fringe Legends. Twice as profound and a kerjillion times funnier than their more sober peers.” TIME OUT

“Surreal, clever and Hilarious” Daily Telegraph

“Sh!t Theatre, whose brilliant ‘Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum with Ex-Pats’ was one of Edinburgh’s biggest hits this year, take on Richard Curtis, and I think we can be absolutely confident who will win.” Lyn Gardner

“A bit much for my personal tastes” Everything Theatre